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Border Bearded Irises
Standard Dwarf Bearded
Intermediate Bearded Iris

Welcome to Hummingbird Gardens Iris Nursery!  Hummingbird Gardens grows and sells many varieties of irises.  Select your iris plants from tall bearded irises, intermediate bearded irises, standard dwarf bearded irises, and reblooming tall bearded irises.  Order today and reserve your iris rhizomes for August shipment when rhizomes have matured and have entered semi-dormancy and are ready for shipment.


We appreciate your business, and thank you for visiting our Online Garden Nursery! 


  • When you have found the iris or irises you absolutely must add to your garden, order early for the best selection.  Irises are ready for shipment in August.


  • All bare root plants ship nation-wide.  Potted plants ship to California only.  All state of California orders are subject to a 8.0% sales tax.


Customer Service:  (916) 991-3128|